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Autumn Ridge

Autumn Ridge is the perfect location for your new home in Polk County, just south of Ankeny. Join one of the fastest growing communities in the state! Close proximity to the interstate, Ankeny schools (walking distance to Crocker Elementary), DMACC campus, Saylorville Lake and everything Ankeny has to offer via SW Oralabor. Walk out lots still available.

Exclusively Marketed By

Ben Garrett, CCIM

(515) 401-7071


Brian Erickson, CCIM

(515) 202-5035


Angie Tessau, CCIM

(515) 707-6889


8 Lots Available


PlatLotStatusList Price
Plat 11Sold65,500
Plat 12Sold65,500
Plat 13Sold65,500
Plat 14Sold65,500
Plat 15Sold64,000
Plat 16Sold64,000
Plat 17Sold64,000
Plat 18Sold64,000
Plat 19Available60,500
Plat 110Available61,000
Plat 111Sold60,500
Plat 112Pending60,500
Plat 113Available60,500
Plat 114Available61,000
Plat 115Sold62,500
Plat 116Sold62,500
Plat 117Sold62,500
Plat 118Sold62,500
Plat 119Sold62,500
Plat 120Sold62,500
Plat 121Sold62,500
Plat 122Sold62,500
Plat 123Sold62,500
Plat 124Sold62,500
Plat 125Sold62,500
Plat 126Sold62,900
Plat 127Sold65,000
Plat 128Sold65,000
Plat 129Sold65,000
Plat 130Sold65,000
Plat 131Sold65,000
Plat 132Sold62,900
Plat 133Sold62,000
Plat 134Sold62,000
Plat 135Sold62,000
Plat 136Sold62,000
Plat 137Sold62,000
Plat 138Sold62,000
Plat 139Sold62,000
Plat 140Sold62,000
Plat 21Pending66,000
Plat 22Sold66,000
Plat 23Sold66,000
Plat 24Sold66,000
Plat 25Sold68,000
Plat 26Sold71,500
Plat 27Sold69,500
Plat 28Sold67,000
Plat 29Sold66,500
Plat 210Sold67,000
Plat 211Sold68,500
Plat 212Sold68,500
Plat 213Sold68,500
Plat 31Available100,000
Plat 32Sold125,000
Plat 33Sold120,000
Plat 34Sold120,000
Plat 35Available100,000
Plat 36Available95,000
Plat 41Sold67,250
Plat 42Sold67,250
Plat 43Sold67,250
Plat 44Sold67,250
Plat 45Sold67,250
Plat 46Sold67,250
Plat 47Sold67,250
Plat 48Sold67,250
Plat 49Sold67,250
Plat 410Sold67,250
Plat 411Sold67,250
Plat 412Sold67,250
Plat 413Sold67,250
Plat 414Pending64,000
Plat 415Available66,250
Plat 416Sold66,250
Plat 417Sold66,250
Plat 418Sold66,250
Plat 419Sold68,000
Plat 420Sold70,000
Plat 421Sold70,000
Plat 422Sold70,000
Plat 423Sold73,500
Plat 424Sold66,000
Plat 425Pending65,000
Plat 426Sold65,000
Plat 427Pending64,500
Plat 428Sold64,500
Plat 429Sold66,250
Plat 430Pending67,250
Plat 431Sold67,250
Plat 432Sold67,250
Plat 433Sold65,500
Plat 434Sold65,500
Plat 435Sold66,750
Plat 436Sold66,750
Plat 437Sold67,000