About Us

Central Iowa’s Experts

We’re Iowans through and through. We love the land, the air, the light, and the people that built this area into what it is today. To us, central Iowa is the state’s business hub, a breeding ground for emerging technologies, a great place to grow up and a cultural treasure trove.

The secret to our success is our belief that what’s good for central Iowa is good for all. This philosophy has rewarded us over the years by giving us the broadest commercial and residential portfolio in central Iowa, a team that possesses unprecedented experience, and a network of relationships that helps us get things done in a way that no one else can.

We invite you to join Knapp Properties in sustaining progress in central Iowa by walking the path of flexible and responsible commercial and residential real estate development, management, and brokerage.

We’re Iowans through and through.

Community Building Through the Decades

What we do requires trust. By partnering with the city of Des Moines and surrounding communities, we’ve built a civic confidence that continues to encourage us as we try to make this city the best it can be. Our staff knows the region, knows the business and can translate any vision into a real estate reality. As a Better Business Bureau Iowa Integrity Award Winner, Knapp takes our responsibility to our community seriously. We’re about building, whether that is with bricks or with partnerships.

The goal is to put our experience and the trust it has created to work for you as Des Moines’ premiere real estate development, management and brokerage company.

Knapp Properties has the expertise and the flexibility to solve your commercial and residential real estate development challenges. We want to make Des Moines better every day, and we want to fill this city with the best-developed buildings, the best-managed properties and put the best people working and living in those buildings. We’re a member of this community, and we’ve been making it great for a long time.

We’re about building, whether that is with bricks or with partnerships.