Real Estate Development & Construction Management Services

What makes Knapp Properties Iowa’s premier real estate developer?

Knapp Properties is Iowa premier real estate developer because we provide a full suite of real estate development services and resources, including access to the best architecture and engineering firms in Iowa, project and construction management services, getting government and land zoning approvals and financing. In short, our real estate development team keeps your project on time and on budget while making sure it’s built to suit your needs so you can focus on your business.

What is the job of a real estate developer?

The job of a real estate developer is to facilitate the regulatory approval, financing, design and construction or remodeling of building structures on undeveloped or under-developed land or property. Some real estate development projects are categorized as build to suit while others are constructed based on a reusable blueprint.

What does build to suit mean in real estate?

In real estate development, build to suit means a property is designed and constructed to meet the requests and requirements of a specific client as opposed to a building a predesigned, repeatable structure.

What are the different types of real estate development?

  • Commercial real estate development

  • Retail real estate development

  • Industrial real estate development

  • Residential real estate development

  • Multifamily real estate development

We're builders - let's build something together.

What is the real estate development process?

1. Acquire real estate & land

You either do your own research or work with a real estate broker to find a property that meets your wants and needs. Thankfully, Knapp Properties has an outstanding real estate brokerage team that would love the opportunity to help you find a property that suits your needs.

If you’re interested in buying real estate but not immediately developing it, Knapp Properties does offer land sales without any construction expectations or requirements. We can also operate as a third party real estate development partner if you already have land and are looking for a real estate developer to help develop the property.

How is third-party real estate development different?

In a third-party real estate development partnership, you retain a portion or all of the land ownership but work with Knapp Properties on some or all of the real estate development process and share the profits.

2. Gather necessary documents & approvals

Once you’ve decided on the piece of real estate you’d like to purchase, Knapp Properties will work with you to compile all of the required documents and signatures before contacting local officials to get the necessary governmental approvals.

3. Review financing and security options

Once all of the necessary documents and approvals are in place, we can begin establishing what financial and security options. The objective is to give you financing choices that not only ensure a great return on investment (ROI) but also to work to protect you from real estate market volatility and bad luck.

4. Design and construct the real estate development project

Now that all of the financials and protections are in place, we initiate our construction management services. We start by contacting all of the necessary architecture, engineering and construction parties to begin designing and developing your real estate so it is built to suit your vision and needs of the property.

What are construction management services?

Construction management services is an offering from Knapp Properties that includes architectural design, structural engineering, and construction project management. We manage the entire design and construction process so you can focus on running your business.